Protect Your Business From Cybercrime

Stay Ahead of the Threats: Strengthen Your Security Strategy with a Comprehensive Approach to Protect Your Business from Cybercrime.

The Essential Tools for Cyberdefense


Develop organizational understanding to manage cybersecurity risks


Develop and implement the appropriate safeguards to ensure delivery of services


Develop and implement the appropriate activities to identify the occurrence of a cybersecurity event.


Develop and implement the appropriate activities to take action regarding a detected cybersecurity event


Develop and implement the appropriate activities to maintain plans for resilience and to restore any capabilities or services

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Customers have stopped using a product or service four times on average, in the past year, due to a bad customer service experience.

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of confirmed data breaches involved a weak, default, or stolen password
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of individuals have accidentally sent sensitive information to the wrong person

The median number of days that attackers reside within a victim’s network before detection

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of senior managers admit to regularly uploading work files to a personal email or cloud account
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of corporate breaches involve weak or stolen passwords

Cybercrime is becoming more prevalent and sophisticated, bypassing many legacy security solutions

The 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report from Verizon highlights the four critical paths that can lead to a breach: credentials, phishing, exploiting vulnerabilities, and the importance of having a plan to handle them all. A comprehensive security strategy that focuses on people, processes, and technology is crucial in staying ahead of evolving cyber threats.

Common Cyberattacks

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Insider Threat
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Angry User

Redefine Your Security Strategy and Solutions

At ASI Tech Advisors, we understand the importance of security in today’s dynamic threat environment. Our team of security specialists work to provide you with a tailored security strategy and solutions that address your specific needs and help defend against a wide range of threats.

Our process begins with a thorough security and vulnerabilities assessment, followed by the development of a proactive strategy and identification of the best security solutions for your organization. Our partnerships with top cybersecurity providers offer a range of services, including security monitoring, incident response, firewall solutions, network intrusion prevention, zero trust software defined perimeter, log flow analysis, DDoS mitigation, analytics and service control, and security awareness. Contact us today to discuss your next security project.


ASI Tech Advisors partners with top cybersecurity providers, including:

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